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In Case of Anesthesia is dedicated to the development of innovative anesthesia equipment and veterinary products for zoo and wildlife species.

The mega-vertebrate demand ventilator is the result of years of research, design, development and field testing by zoo and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Jeffery R. Zuba; veterinary anesthesiologist, Dr. David Brunson; and veterinary anesthesia equipment design and manufacturer, Bob Pearson.  This device is informally referred to as 'The Elephant' in honor of the mega-vertebrate that inspired its production.  Patent pending.

Mega-vertebrate endotracheal tubes were designed and field tested by Dr. Jeffery R. Zuba with the assistance of zoo and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Jim Oosterhuis and human/veterinary dentist, Dr. David Fagan.  The technical skills of Don Shawver of Adept Vet were integral in the development and manufacture of these high quality endotracheal tubes.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Jeffery R. Zuba, DVM
In Case of Anesthesia

Acknowledgments:  Special thanks to our consultants who contributed science, technology, design, testing and patience in the manufacture of In Case of Anesthesia products:
- David Brunson DVM, for concept, design and practical application of the ventilator
- Jim Oosterhuis DVM, Dave Fagan DDS, and Stan Perkins MD for insight, interest and input in the development of the ventilator and endotracheal tubes
- Don Shawver of Adept Vet, LLC for design and development of the endotracheal tubes
- Bob Pearson and Tracy Bakken of Mallard Medical, Inc. for the design and manufacture of ventilator prototypes
- Mark Stetter and Dean Hendrickson of The Elephant Population Management Program and many African veterinary colleagues, especially Dr. Douw Grobler, for creating a setting in which to develop and test the ventilator
- Marek Prochazka and Eric Acosta of Inno Tech Machining for innovations, design and CAD/CAM manufacturing of the ventilator
- Rick Munns and Pablo Acosta of Dick Munns Company for ventilator analysis and flow calibration services

- Bob Hawken and Doug Tico for repair wizardry and modification of the ventilator
- To my accidental patients, elephants and other mega-vertebrates, who served as the stimulus to produce devices to assist in their safe and effective anesthesia

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